In the past couple of decades, much attention has been brought to Invasive plant species here on Cape Cod. More and more we see these exotic species wreaking havoc on local ecosystems. Some were brought here with good intentions, others unknowingly, but they all have caused similar disruption to native plants and animals. Our invasive plant management service is available to control and or eliminate them.

According to the Massachusetts Invasive Plant Advisory Group, there are 35 Invasive and 31 likely invasive plant species in the state. If you see something that looks out of place from the natural setting or suspect something might be invasive, give us a call. Our Certified Invasive Plant Management specialist will identify and recommend a management program that will meet your particular needs

Some of the more common invasives seen on Cape Cod are:


Falmouth Mashpee Bittersweet invasive species control Cape Cod


Oriental bittersweet, a twining vine that eventually smothers native trees and shrubs. It produces prolific numbers of seeds in the fall that are transported by both birds and humans.

Bourne Bittersweet invasive species management Yarmouth MA


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Japanese knotweed, a noxious perennial weed that grows in almost any soil condition and will out compete anything growing near it.


Phragmites or common reed, is a wetland plant found in both fresh and saltwater environments. It out competes most native wetland plants, thus eliminating food sources for many native animal species.